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Created in 1890, it is manufactured by the Savoyard society of the same name.

The Opinel knife is a folding pocket knife with a wooden handle, with the "hand crowned" symbol on the blade.

Many fixed and foldable versions have emerged over time. Discover a collection in the purest tradition of the Opinel pocket knife.


The timeless folding knife. This famous Savoyard is the perfect companion for your picnics, barbecues, hikes... 

This knife will be your daily ally for all your crafts, hunting, fishing, camping or picnics in nature.

Opinel Knives - Laguiole Cutlery Store paris
Opinel Knives - Laguiole Cutlery Store paris

Opinel Knives

Victorinox - Swiss Army Knives
Swiss Army multifonction knife - Cutlery Laguiole Renaud

The Swiss army knife is a multifunction pocket knife made of a knife, combined with many tools.

The blade of the knife and the tools being foldable in the handle, the Swiss army knife thus has a pocket size while ensuring multiple functions.

Those who are ready for any challenge always win with them!

Since 1897, the Swiss Army Knife has become a must-have accessory for adventurers around the world.

Whether you want to conquer the city, oceans, mountains or even space, the Swiss army knife will remain your most faithful companion.


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